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On the Dot hits the perfect brain spot. You know the one—where brain building and ridiculous amounts of fun meet. Play solitaire or against others as you try to arrange four transparent squares so they perfectly match the patterns shown on the dots card. Playing On the Dot will sharpen your problem solving skills and crank up your hand-eye coordination, which research shows actually helps kids learn to read. Don’t look now, but you just might have the world’s next reading whiz and table tennis champ on your hands.
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The Idea

Match dots by playing your cards just right.

The Brains

+2 to Visual Perception.

The A-Ha

Great by yourself or against others!

Brain Health Expert Says

Improve visual perception and spatial reasoning while making new connections among neurons and strengthening old connections in the parietal and frontal lobes.

The Brain Coach Says

This was one of the first games I purchased from Marbles. The visual workout it gives you is great! Trying to visualize how the dots will overlap is not as easy as it seems.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age10+
DepartmentVisual Perception
# of Players1+