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Oh Snap! is a game of dueling decision-making that requires the hunger of a lion and the hands of a ninja brain surgeon. Make enough right choices and you will be crowned the snap grand master.

Make the wrong moves and SNAP! the board will speak, and the board makes no apologies. Pull back the SNAPping bar and place all of the discs on the other side. Release the tension on the bar and let it slide into place. Then, take turns removing one disc at a time.

If you remove a disc without the bar snapping forward you can keep the disc and points are added to your score. However, remove a disc and the bar lunges forward, discard the disc and gain no points.

Oh Snap! is a brutal game that never censors itself and doesn't care how you feel about it. Are you and your family and friends up for the challenge?

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The Idea

Remove pieces to earn points. But watch out - the pressure is on!

The Brains

A game of dual decision-making & spatial strategy.

The A-Ha

Make the wrong moves and SNAP! the board will speak & make no apologies.

Brain Health Expert Says

This game tests your decision making skills, governed by the frontal lobe, as you think creatively and logically to plan your next moves.

The Brain Coach Says

The amount of suspense this game conjures in each player is palpable, infectious, and worth the price of the game alone. The awesome heirloom quality pieces are an added bonus!

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age8+
Inside the Box
  • One game board
  • 22 Large circular pieces
  • 22 Medium circular pieces
  • 22 Small circular pieces
  • Drawstring canvas bag
# of Players2-6

Customer Reviews

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Great family fun


This game is a lot of fun for diverse groups. Some younger players might find it frustrating at first but, after a game or two, the important concepts can be learned by anyone (It IS easy for an adult to let a younger child win an occasional game). Ideas like arches, tension, greed, and "low hanging fruit" come up often, but I would not describe this as an intellectually challenging game. Just a fun, relaxing activity.

Engaging game


This is a remake/rename of the Booby-Trap game we bought for our children over 30 years ago. We kept it and the grandchildren enjoy playing it with us. It has an element of skill and suspense that keeps them interested. I recently ordered OH SNAP for my 4-year old grandson and am told he really likes it.

So much fun!


Oh Snao is a blast. We keep it out in the game room and the kids and their friends play it all the time.

What a great game!!!


I couldn't ask for a better game. I remember playing Booby Trap as a child and Oh Snap brings back so many great family fun memories. This is a number one game in my family!!!!
Viewing 1 - 4 of 19
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How To Play

    1. Pull back on the crossbar and randomly place all of the pieces on the game board, gently release the bar.  The pressure is on!...quite literally.
    2. Players take turns pulling out pieces without causing the bar to move.  If successful, you keep the pieces.  If the bar moves, your turn is over and your piece is sent to the discard pile.
    3. Once all of the pieces have been removed, the points are tallied and the player with the most points wins.
      • large pieces = 15 points
      • medium pieces = 10 points
      • small pieces = 5 points