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Ogosport 12" Mini Disks

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It’s been one of those days. Where you overslept, spilled coffee all over your carefully collated sales presentations and then dropped your not-so-smart smart phone down the garbage disposal—while it was on. Enter the Ogosport Disk: A floatable, portable, durable and flexible game that helps relieve stress by bouncing balls up to 150 feet off mini trampolines. The Ogosport Disks can also:

  • float in water
  • be used as frisbees
  • bounce water balloons, snowballs, etc back and forth!

Pick up your set today to get moving, active, and improve hand-eye coordination while having major fun and relieving stress!

Includes 2 Ogosport Discs and an OgoSoft Ball. And it's not a bad idea to grab additional Ogo Ballooza ball set.

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The Idea

These mini hand trampolines are used to pass items back and forth.

The Brains

Concentration and coordination activate and strengthen key areas of the brain.

The A-Ha

Use balls, snow balls or even water balloons. The discs can also be used as Frisbees.

Brain Health Expert Says

Concentration and coordination activate and strengthen key areas of the brain crucial in day-to-day function as you try and keep up.

The Brain Coach Says

I love these discs! My family and I have so much fun inside and outside the house tossing the soft ball back and forth. We have created so many games using these. Tossing snowballs has to be one of my favorites!

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age4+
# of Players1+

Customer Reviews

Love it


Great,fun portable game

Great Gift


I ordered this as a gift for my grandson. We loves all sports and felt this one would be good for him to play but also improve his hand eye coordination. I cannot wait for him to open it and we can play. He will also be able to do this without harming anyone with a quick serve.

So much fun even on indoor days


We have a set of both the 15" and 12" ogosport. Our family loves them. The different bounce between the two sizes provides additional challenge to our 8 & 11 year olds. Due to inclement weather, the kids have used them mostly indoors and happily the koosh ball is very gentle when it hits something other than the ogosport paddle. We have had many running battles on how many hits we can get it a row. Love them!

Family fun


I bought these for my 8 and 10 year old kids. They love them. The mesh surface has just the right tightness to both control the koosh ball and left it bounce far and high. The kids play with it together, yet they also play on their own, practicing keeping the koosh bouncing on one disk or holding one disk in each hand and "binging" it back and forth. We plan on bringing them with us on our beach vacation in a few weeks. They will be easy to pack. I bought another set for my nieces.

How To Play

How to Play:

  1. The center of the OgoSport disk acts as a trampoline for the koosh ball.
  2. Bounce the ball from one disk to the other.
  3. Can be used in water.
  4. Disks can also be tossed like Frisbees.
  5. Experiment with tennis balls, water balloons, or snow balls—the OgoSport disks can be used in any weather, indoor or outdoor!