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This OgoSport Expansion Pack is the perfect addition to OgoSport Discs. The set comes with an Ogo Flux Ball, Micro Copter Dart and an Ogo Koosh ball. 

  • Ogo Flux Ball - A golf ball sized yellow ball with holes and adjustable ribbons that change how it flies. 
  • Micro Copter Dart - All the fun of traditional lawn darts, without any of the danger. Designed to fly with aero-spin action you will get lost in hours of play with these soft foam copter darts. Perfect for competitive games, the darts always land head down, for a land and stand effect. The ergonomic design makes gripping and tossing the darts easy and fun. 
  • Ogo Koosh Ball - Colorful, soft & light for kid-friendly play. Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use and the perfect companion to Ogo disks.
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The Idea

Ogosport's expansion pack that includes a Koosh ball, Micro-copter dart, and Flux ball.

The Brains

Challenge hand-eye coordination with more projectiles to bounce between discs.

The A-Ha

Toss around the spinning copter dart or the wobbling flux ball for more aerial fun.

The Brain Coach Says

Ogo Ballooza will really keep you on your toes with objects that spin and fly in surprising directions. It's a great addition to the already awesome Ogo collection!


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warningsWARNING Choking Hazard - package may contain small parts Not for children under 3
Recommended Age6+
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