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Between work, family and plotting to rid the world of obnoxiously loud cell phone talkers, modern life is stressful. And constant stress can damage memory, executive function and motor skills. Basically, it can turn your mind to mush. Luckily for mushy minds, listening to classical music (like the expert-selected compositions on this CD!) can reduce stress levels, improve focus and make you smarter. That's because when your stress is low, your brain can function at its best. Double bonus: Listening to classical music can also help you tune out those pesky cell phone talkers.

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The Idea

Relish the positive vibes of Mozart's masterful compositions.

The Brains

Studies have shown that classical music can improve focus, learning, and retention.

The A-Ha

Can help calm your mind and inspire creativity.

Brain Health Expert Says

Studies have shown that music has the power to put one's brain into a state that improves its ability to focus, learn, and retain.

The Brain Coach Says

So relaxing and soothing to listen to. This CD is a truly peaceful way to relax your mind.

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