Motif Cubes (Red)

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    Create billions of design combinations with nine patterned cubes.

    Explore your creativity and build your visual perception skills.

    The birch hardwood cubes and silk-screened designs make it a stunning coffee table piece.

    With just nine patterned cubes, it's hard to believe that this little beauty has billions of possible combinations. But we checked with our in-house math geeks and they confirmed that there are 68,719,476,736 permutations to be exact. The best part about Motif Cubes is that there's no right answer or winning move--just endless ways to explore, create and exercise your visual perception skills. Motif's red birch hardwood cubes, silk-screened designs and wooden tray make it a smart and stunning coffee table piece. It also makes a great gift for brainy chic friends, family and colleagues.

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    Brain Health Expert Says:

    "This game tests your spatial processing abilities, governed by the parietal lobe, as you create different patterns using the same basic shapes. "

    Motif Cubes (Red)

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    How to Play:

    Every side of a motif cube has a different design, and the images will line up in any way you choose to arrange them. Explore the billions of possible combinations of nine motif cubes by forming patterns, making pictures, or just playing with the abstract shapes.


        Motif Cubes Patterns .PDF


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    The Marbles BrainCoach says...

    A new design is revealed with the turn of each square, creating endless entertainment. I keep this out on my coffee table and visitors can't help but see what design they can create next.

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