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| Visual_Perception
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Can you make a mitten out of a string? How about a butterfly from glass beads and wooden sticks? And more importantly, can you get your team to guess what your creation is in order to move forward on the game board and win the highly sought after title of Morphology Champs of the Evening? Well, here's your chance to put your creativity to the test with Morphology. This clever game challenges you to think differently about the structure and form of everyday objects and words. Along the way, you'll laugh hysterically, flex your creative muscles and connect with friends and family. 

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The Idea

Get your team to guess what's on the card by building 3D objects

The Brains

Improve visual & spatial processing skills while using creativity to create formations

The A-Ha

A toss of the die changes the challenge, such as 'eyes closed' or 'use your weak hand'.

Brain Health Expert Says

Morphology improves your visual and spatial processing skills when you use simple, everyday objects to create shapes dictated by the instruction cards. It allows you to be creative by combining these simple objects in unique ways to make the optimal formations.

The Brain Coach Says

When I first heard about this quirky little party game coming from Minnesota, I was hesitant. If Charades and Pictionary had a child, Morphology would be the result. It quickly became one of my favorite party games that we carry. The number of giggles and guffaws my friends and family have shared (not to mention the number of work-related injuries for being doubled over with laughter while playing) make this visually enticing game one to keep on the radar.

Product Details

Brain Category
warningsCHOKING HAZARD. Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Recommended Age13+
Inside the Box
  • 6 Wooden 
  • 2 Black circles
  • 9 Black beads
  • 12 Cubes
  • 240 Word cards
  • 4 Wooden people
  • 1 String
  • 1 Piece of green felt
  • 1 Timer
  • 4 Team frogs
  • 1 Die
  • 1 Game board
  • 1 Instruction booklet
DepartmentVisual Perception
# of Players3+

Customer Reviews

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Learn to appreciate different thinkers


My family enjoys this game, not only because it causes one's brain to stretch for ways to use the pieces to depict what's on each card, but because everyone approaches this challenge uniquely. I find that after playing for a while, I feel like I better comprehend how people like my mother-in-law solve each card--it adds to my understanding of people who are really different from me! We don't often play the game as written, but we do use the timer. It's fun, and there are plenty of cards for repeat plays. I still have many of the "hard" category to attempt even after a year.

Great game for all!


Morphology is great for all ages, in fact the younger folks seemed to have more flexible imaginations and that helped them a lot. It is fun, funny and really stretches your mind. Great fun.

Great combo of fun and challenge


Morphology is a wonderful game for both parties and family get togethers--a great combination of fun and challenging out-of-the-box thinking. Trying to build words like "ski" is hard enough with the everyday pieces you're given, but add in crazy rules like "eyes closed" and "weak hand only" and you'll be laughing at yourself (and your teammates.) The game is ideally suited for ages 13+.

A very fun game for the whole group.


I played Morphology for the first time at our company meeting and loved it. Aside from it being so much fun it really pushed your creativity limits not only when you were trying to guess what your teammate were trying to give you clues but when your trying to give your team members clues with a limited number of objects; your creativity is really streched.
Viewing 1 - 4 of 5
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How To Play

How to Play:

Divide everyone into teams. Each team chooses a frog and begins at the Starting Lily Pad. Decide whether to use the easy or hard words. Each team selects a Morphologist who will create the first word. The Morphologist from the first team takes a word card, the timer is flipped, and the Morphologist uses the shapes and pieces to build the word. Team members attempt to figure out what the word is before the time is up. If a team can correctly name the word, they move their frog to the next Lily Pad. 

How to Win:

The first team to reach the Finish wins.