Mixed Nuts

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Calling all trivia addicts, knowledge junkies and nerds of every stripe. Mixed Nuts from those brainy folks at Mental Floss is just the game for you. The game is chock-full of hundreds of stories, situations and scenarios. You have to choose one of the outrageous fill-ins on the card and decide whether that makes the story true—or completely nuts! Use your nuts to vote and win nuts when you guess correctly. Win or lose, the real prize is firing up your memory skills and acquiring enough nutty knowledge to make you the king of cocktail party banter and the top dog of conversation at the water cooler.
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The Idea

Score nuts by correctly guessing whether the nutty stories you hear are true or not.

The Brains

Engage your memory skills with this workout for your temporal lobe.

The A-Ha

Use your voting chip so that you all answer secretly at the same time.

Brain Health Expert Says

This game will engage long-term memory as you try to recall whether the crazy stories are true or not.

The Brain Coach Says

Funny and addicting, what more could you want in a high stakes trivia game like "Mixed Nuts?" Work that memory!

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age10+
Inside the Box
  • 150 2-sided cards
  • 8 voting chips
  • 240 mixed nuts
  • Game tray with nut bowl and card holder
  • 8 nut cups
publisherMental Floss
# of Players2+

How To Play

  1. Objective is to score the most nuts, by correctly guessing whether the nutty stories you hear are true - or not.
  2. Players take turns being the reader.  The reader draws a card and holds it so the answer on the back can't be seen.  chooses the option he/she thinks is true and reads it to the other players. (you will score more if players agree with you)
  3. Players vote:  If you think it's TRUE, put your Voting Chip in your hand.  If you think it's FALSE, leave your hand empty.  (Do this under the table so that your opponents can't see-The reader will also get to vote)
  4. Players place their fist in the middle at the same time and then turn over their hands and open them palm up.
  5. The Reader will read aloud the true option.
  6. Players who get it right take one of the Mixed Nuts from the Nut Bowl.
  7. The player with the most nuts at the end of the game wins.
Download PDF Rules Of The Game