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Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2

| Coordination
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If you're a budding spy, what better way to conceal your clandestine activities than to miniaturize your secret agent arsenal?

Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2 provides fully illustrated step-by-step instructions for building 30+ different spy weapons and surveillance tools, including:

  • Mint Tin Catapult
  • Paper Dart Watch
  • Rubber Band Derringer
  • Cotton Swab .38 Special
  • Paper Throwing Star
  • Bionic Ear
  • Toothpaste Periscope...and more

Once you've assembled your weaponry, the book provides a number of ideas on how to hide your stash - inside a deck of cards, a false-bottom soda bottle, or a cereal box briefcase - and targets for practicing your spycraft, including a flip-down firing range, a fake security camera, and sharks with laser beams.

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The Idea

Assemble weapons from common household items.

The Brains

Use critical thinking and fine motor skills to build each project.

The A-Ha

Arm yourself against a brother, sister, or that unwelcome spider in the basement.

The Brain Coach Says

I love how this book allows me to channel my inner ninja! Easy instructions to make throwing stars, dart watches...all perfect to pester my little sister!

Release your inner Dr. Evil.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age8+
authorJohn Austin
publisherChicago Review Press

Customer Reviews

This was a great book


This book was excellent because it had lots of cool weapons. They were easy to make and easy to fire with. The materials were easy to find so you could make lots of the weapons.