Mini Kendama

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The object of Kendama is to juggle, spike and balance the ball in creative new ways.

Along the way, this simple, interactive toy will boost your brain body connection under the guise of having good, old-fashioned, electronic-free fun.

This pocket-size version is a fun way to get coordinated anytime, anywhere.

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The Idea

Use your fine motor skills to juggle and land the ball.

The Brains

Test your motor skills & hand–eye coordination as you attempt to land the ball.

The A-Ha

More difficult than you may think!

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age7+
Play lengthPlay Lengthunder 20
DepartmentNo Brainer
# of Players1

Customer Reviews

Perfect for the Brain


This product is something you give to a kid to distract them. Peace for hours! Just kidding, but it definitely caught my kids attention. They like how small it was because their baby brother could play but also because it was a "work out" for my child's fingers. I found they learned how to really focus and learn amazing hand-eye coordination. Definitely recommend.