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If you get invited to one more run-of-the-mill trivia game night, your know-it-all mind is going to blow a neuron. Let that Einstein-like mind of yours really shine with Mindstein.

Rather than answering one measly little question to earn a point like some trivia games, Mindstein asks players to answer five successive multiple-choice questions in their heads and then unscramble a five-letter word based on the letters associated with each correct answer.

Shout out the right word, get a smart card. Get it wrong, lose one. The first player to collect five cards that spell S-M-A-R-T wins the game.

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The Idea

Answer 5 successive multiple-choice trivia questions on each turn.

The Brains

Activate the memory center & word processing centers of your brain.

The A-Ha

Letters correspond to correct answers, resulting in a 5-letter word players race to shout.

Brain Health Expert Says

This is a great game to test your vocabulary and word processing skills. Speech production and comprehension areas in your brain will be engaged as you think of the right combination of letters to spell out the buzz-words on each card. You’ll also activate the hippocampus, the memory center of the brain, as you think of the correct answers to the multiple choice questions.

The Brain Coach Says

Everyone has that one “Trivia Friend” that just knows the weirdest stuff, but I love Mindstein for its ability to take that Know-It-All down a notch. Mindstein is cool for how casually it’s played but additionally for how creative the questions can be. If you have had it up to here with your trivial pursuit sharks, check out Mindstein.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age14+
Inside the Box
  • 250 Mindstein cards (2500 questions)
  • Card box
  • 30 Smart cards
# of Players3+

Customer Reviews

Another Incorrect Answer


This is a fun game to play but I have found some incorrect answers. For example, a deciduous tree loses its leaves every winter. A coniferous tree only loses the lower portion of its needles as it grows because those needles normally do not receive enough sunlight for photosynthesis to take place.

From Marbles:

You are quite correct! We will have someone from the Brain Workshop look into this question card and make corrections for the next production run ASAP.

Great Family Game!!!


Great game for the whole family.

Fun for a trivia game...


I don't play many trivia games but I played this one with some friends the other night and had a blast!

Incorrect answer


We played this once so far, and found one incorrect answer. Question is, what city is known as "Venice of the North." Choices included both St. Petersburg and Bruges. Answer could be either one. If we found one, there are probably more--we're not Einstein.

From Marbles:

Thank you for reporting this oversight. We'd like to say the two right answers are there just to trip you up a little bit while decoding, but that would be a lie. We will have someone from the Brain Workshop look into the problem and correct for the next production run promptly.

How To Play

How to Play: Each Mindstein card contains 5 multiple-choice trivia questions. The letters identifying each correct answer will spell a word. The winner of each round is the player who shouts the correct word. How to Win: The winner of each round gets one SMART card. The first player with all 5 SMART cards wins.

Download PDF Rules Of The Game