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    Play and think in this program to improve your mental agility while having fun.

    A quicker, stronger brain can improve the overall quality of life.

    22 challenging exercises developed by neuroscience experts to keep your brain in shape.

    Brain Training Software
    Marbles MindSpring Software delivers a complete set of brain-stimulating exercises to keep your brain sharp. This program was carefully developed by neuroscience experts to improve your mental agility while having fun.

    22 Challenging Exercises
    MindSpring contains 22 unique exercises that work on 10 cognitive functions including long-term and working memory, building processing speed, and remembering people's names and faces.

    Virtual Coaching
    The program offers a custom training mode and a guided training mode in which your virtual BrainCoach, "Albert", will lead you through sessions and decide which exercises you should perform. MindSpring's proprietary Dynamic Intelligence System continuously analyzes your performance, then adapts and customizes the training to your level.

    Brain Health Expert Says:

    "A quicker, stronger brain can change your life: more confidence, a better job, a longer and healthy life."

    MindSpring Software

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    How it Works

    The benefits of using MindSpring include a sharper, more dynamic and youthful brain, better memory, sharper reflexes, and increased concentration. Specifically, MindSpring will help you to train these 18 essential brain functions:

    1. Processing Speed
    2. Working Memory
    3. Episodic Memory
    4. Temporal Order Memory
    5. Word Naming
    6. Arithmetic

    7. Planning
    8. Visuo-Spatial Skills
    9. Social Memory
    10. Selective Attention
    11. Visual Scanning
    12. Behavioral Inhibition

    13. Cognitive Control
    14. Attentional Shifting
    15. Temporal Perception
    16. Semantic Categorization
    17. Divided Attention
    18. Visual Vigilance

    Recommended Use

    For best results and maximum efficiency, we recommend that you:
    1. Train 15 to 20 minutes per session and complete three or four exercises (each exercise lasting four or five minutes)
    2. Vary the exercises in each session in order to train different cognitive functions
    3. Complete all the exercises listed in sequence
    4. Train three times or more per week
    5. Train for at least eight consecutive weeks.

    Mindspring FAQ

    What operating systems does it work with? Mac (OS X prior to Mavericks 10.9) & PC
    How many users are included? It includes 3 Users and a guest user.
    Can it be loaded on multiple computers? The program comes with 1 license and is for use on only one machine and cannot be transferred to another machine once installed. Additional licenses are no longer available.
    Is program self-adaptive to current user? yes
    Are quantity discounts available? No, we're sorry; at this time no quantity discount is available.
    How long does the scheduled program last? Approx. 18 weeks (Complete & Memory. Learning program is self-directed)
    How long does a daily session last? Approximately 20 mins.
    What schedule do you recommend? 3 times a week
    How many times can I do the program? You can use it unlimited times.
    Are published clinical studies available? Yes
    For questions about licenses and technical support, please call customer support: (877) 527-2460 or support@marblesthebrainstore.com
    What is your return policy for software? It is the same as our regular store policy. Please click for details

    Additional Information

    media Software CD-ROM
    operating system PC/MAC
    hard disk requirements 300 MB free space on hard disk
    platform Windows Vista / 7 / XP, Mac OS X Intel, Mac OS X
    other requirements Sound Card, CD/DVD player, Speakers or Headphones,Graphics Card,
    required memory RAM: 256 MB
    manufacturer recommended age

    The Marbles BrainCoach says...

    I'm a huge fan of Marbles MindSpring. The driving exercise scared me a little the first time I tried it, because it showed me how much I needed to work on processing simultaneous visual stimuli and maintaining my focus while using my peripheral vision. I think my car insurer should give me a break on my premiums for using it!

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