MindMatters Kit

    Build your own kit! Choose the products you think are best for the memory-concerned seniors in your life.

    Whether you're a caregiver purchasing the kit for your loved one or if the kit is for an entire group to share, the MindMatters Kit is customizable to fit individual needs.

    Select either 10 or 20 of the following products. Each of these products comes with a lesson plan and how-to video, both of which make the product easy to use and even easier to explain to others.

    See an example of what is included with each product here.

    See why products like these are so important for the aging population here.

    Two Kits to Choose From

    The Whole Kit and Caboodle

    $999 for:

    • 20 products
    • 20 product lesson plans
    • 20 how-to-play videos

    The Mini Kit

    $499 for:

    • 10 products
    • 10 product lesson plans
    • 10 how-to-play videos

    After you fill out an order form, you can submit it here or fax it to 773-360-1671.

    Word on the Street

    Word on the Street is a clever tug of words game that challenges players to think quickly and creatively as they try to capture letters. Before time runs out, the team must agree on a word and pull tiles with each letter of that word one lane closer to their side of the street. This fun party game encourages teams to brainstorm to find words to fit the categories, and exercises vocabulary and word recall skills.  The party case includes a carrying case and an extra timer.

    Brain Health Expert Says:

    "Speech production and speech comprehension are used by matching letters creatively to form words; you'll improve your vocabulary and word comprehension."



    How it Works

    How to Play:

    Divide the players into two teams, one on each side of the board. For their turn, a team pulls out a category card. They have 30 seconds to come up with any word that fits the category. It's best for the word to have as many letters as possible. Once they've agreed on a word, they must spell it out loud. Each letter used in the word brings a letter-tile one space closer to their side of the board. When a tile makes it's way off of the edge of the board, the team on that side keeps it. The opposing team can distract the playing team the whole time by saying whatever they want - trying to keep them from a successful turn.

    How to Win:

    The first team to bring eight letter-tiles off of the board onto their side wins the game.