MindMatters Kit

    Build your own kit! Choose the products you think are best for the memory-concerned seniors in your life.

    Whether you're a caregiver purchasing the kit for your loved one or if the kit is for an entire group to share, the MindMatters Kit is customizable to fit individual needs.

    Select either 10 or 20 of the following products. Each of these products comes with a lesson plan and how-to video, both of which make the product easy to use and even easier to explain to others.

    See an example of what is included with each product here.

    See why products like these are so important for the aging population here.

    Two Kits to Choose From

    The Whole Kit and Caboodle

    $999 for:

    • 20 products
    • 20 product lesson plans
    • 20 how-to-play videos

    The Mini Kit

    $499 for:

    • 10 products
    • 10 product lesson plans
    • 10 how-to-play videos

    After you fill out an order form, you can submit it here or fax it to 773-360-1671.


    The idea may be simple, but the way a game like this is affecting your brain is not. In chairs, you work to stack the chairs on top of each other, without letting them topple over. See how many you can stack with only two chairs touching the ground? How many can you stack with just one touching the ground? Simple hand-eye coordination tasks such as these work the part of your brain to keep reaction times are up to speed along with spatial reasoning skills. This versatile game can be played in different ways; alone or in a group, competitively or cooperatively.

    Brain Health Expert Says:

    "Test your spatial processing abilities and fine motor coordination as you balance the chairs."

    How it Works

    How to Play:

    Scatter the chairs randomly on a flat playing surface. Decide how many rounds you want to play. A chair is placed on the playing surface. Somone selects a chair and places it on top of the fist one. In turn, players stack chairs in any direction. If the stack falls over on your turn, you count one point for every chair on the playing surface. The player with the lowest point score after all rounds are over, is the winner.