Michelanga Dough

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Following in the footsteps of master sculptor Doughnatello, Michelanga Dough continues the Renaissance In Clay. He doesn't stain, he's not sticky, he's easy to mold, he air dries in 24 hours and you can paint him! Includes 5 sculpting tools and 1 pound of clay. Michelanga Dough inspires new kinds of creativity, redefines the brain's sense of 3D space and moves clay play out of the Middle Ages.

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The Idea

Molding clay that's better than what sculptors had in the Dark Ages.

The Brains

A new movement in clay that nourishes tactile, visual and creative centers of the brain.

The A-Ha

Clay that can be sculpted AND painted!

Product Details

Brain Category

Not intended for children under 3 years.

Do not eat.

Recommended Age5+
Inside the Box

500g of Air- dry clay

5 Sculpting tools

number of pieces5