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Melting Snowman

| Coordination
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The rules are simple and the fun is endless. Build Melting Snowman out of the snow-white putty and the included plastic accessories, then wait as he melts into a puddle of goo.

This silicone-based bouncing putty has properties of a solid as well as a liquid, and it will slowly ooze to take the shape of its container.

This hilarious little toy just might warm up your winter with the hope of spring being just around the corner.

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The Idea

A kit to create a snowman that magically melts at room temperature.

The Brains

Use creative thinking and fine motor skills.

The A-Ha

Stretch your imagination and use the putty to create a variety of creatures.

The Brain Coach Says

A funny gift for the holidays. Everyone gets a kick out of the Melting Snowman!

Not for the snowbirds. 

Product Details

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warningssmall parts
Recommended Age5+

Customer Reviews

Oddly fun!


Have looked at this item a couple of times, finally decided to purchase. It is oddly fun, not sure what it is. make a Snowman and watch thru the day as he melts. I brought to work and everyone in the office likes it too.