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Math Wrap Ups - Subtraction

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Once upon a time, a fourth grade teacher was trying to come up with more effective ways of teaching math. She started with flashcards and drill sheets, which worked okay for some kids. But “okay” just wasn't good enough, so she invented Math Wrap-Ups. Shaped like a key, these handheld learning tools feature a string that you use to match the problems on the left with the answers on the right. To check your answers, just flip the key over to see if the string covers the lines printed on the back. These classroom-tested tools will have your kids mastering everything from addition to fractions. Subtraction Wrap-ups come with 10 keys and cover facts from 1-1 to 22-10 and everything in between.
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The Idea

Use the string to match problems on the left with answers on the right.

The Brains

Learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions without flashcards.

The A-Ha

If the string covers the lines on the back, your answers are correct!

The Brain Coach Says

Simple, handy, educational, and fun. The Wrap-Ups make the mental math tangible, and it’s so satisfying when all of the strings line up correctly. This is will definitely help your mini-Einstein sharpen their math skills.


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