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MasterKitz Starry Night

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Back when you were a kid, there was paint by numbers. And a little bit of creativity died with each numbered space that you dutifully filled in. Your kids deserve artistic freedom. They deserve an appreciation of master painters and master works like "The Starry Night" from Vincent Van Gogh. They deserve Kidzaw MasterKitz!

These clever kits expose kids to great works of art with fun and easy-to-understand learning materials. Then, they get to create their own interpretation of the masterpiece using the kit’s deluxe art paper, custom paints, stencils, paint rollers and more. Each finished masterpiece fits in a standard 16” x 20” frame so it can be shared.

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Brain Health Expert Says

This kit engages visual processing centers in your brain as you use the paints to create unique, colorful paintings.

The Brain Coach Says

A brilliant artistic learning tool. The MasterKitz include everything you need to remake an artistic masterpiece, but it's more than your ordinary paint-by-number. They take you step by step into the painting process, starting with dark colors, then laying in the background, foreground, and finishing up with detail work, building a painting from the ground up just like the professionals.

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Brain Category
Recommended Age3+
DepartmentVisual Perception
# of Players1 +