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Marbles Tavern Puzzle Dirty Dog

| Coordination
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As we call ourselves a "Brain Store," we thought it was necessary to dabble in one of the brainiest products of all; the Tavern Puzzle

Based on centuries-old designs, this little wrought-iron brainteaser exercises hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, and visual perception skills all under the guise of having fun. 

Our own Marbles branded Tavern Puzzles are sure to make you scratch your head raw as you tinker and toy away at them for hours! Simply try to disassemble and reassemble the puzzle back to its original state. Though the rules are simple, the play is quite difficult. 

The Dirty Dog puzzle is the easiest of the Marbles branded line to get yourself warmed up for Smartypants and Sneaky Pete. Check out the full selection of Tavern Puzzles

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The Idea

Each is crafted in the USA from 6 mm steel by a museum-trained, traditional blacksmith.

The Brains

Challenge your problem-solving and fine motor skills as you solve the puzzles.

The A-Ha

These brainteasers are just as challenging to pull apart as they are to put back together.

Brain Health Expert Says

These challenging puzzles test ability to find an escape from a deceptively simple quandary. Requires proper integration of planning and visualization.

The Brain Coach Says

There's nothing like a good ol' fashioned tavern puzzle. My brain and my fingers thank me every time I (finally) solve one.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age10+
# of Players1