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Marbles Shoot the Moon

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This nostalgic, addictive game is fairly simple in concept: roll the bearing ball uphill by moving the metal rails back and forth.

The player who gets the ball to roll the furthest wins while also exercising hand-eye coordination. All in a day’s work—or play as we like to say.

Plus, this Marbles-branded (and retro-chic!) take on the classic Shoot the Moon game features some quality updates such as the fine walnut wood construction and enamel-coated rails (for an even smoother ride).

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The Idea

Starting from Earth, work the ball uphill by opening and closing the metal bars.

The Brains

It's a serious cerebellum workout with this classic hand-eye coordination challenge.

The A-Ha

The trick is continuing to close the bars right when you feel the ball start to drop.

Brain Health Expert Says

A great way to improve motor coordination; as you move the ball, you must make finer and finer manipulations with your muscles.

The Brain Coach Says

A classic! I remember playing this as a kid, and it gives my hand-eye coordination an extraordinary workout.

...well, hey, at least you landed among the stars.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age8+
publisherMarbles The Brain Store
# of Players1+

Customer Reviews

Great Game - Terrible Assembly


I love this game and was looking forward to playing it all day; unfortunately, assembling the game has been challenging. The holes that the metal bars go into doesn't allow the bars to stay in place and constantly come out of the hole while playing. I will be returning the game and purchasing a better version on Amazon.

A Classic!


This old classic is a lot of fun and still extremely challenging. I practiced a lot since I wasn't able to put it down and kept saying one more and can now shoot the moon!

Great fun!


This simple, classic game is way more fun than you might immediately realize. I love the amount of concentration and coordination it requires, and it looks great just sitting out on your coffee table. Everyone will want to try it when they see it!

How To Play

Just roll the bearing ball uphill by moving the metal rails back and forth. The player who gets the ball to roll the furthest wins.