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Make Your Own Music Box Kit

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There’s something magical about turning a crank and hearing a tune—no chords, electricity, batteries, charging docks or software downloads necessary. Now you can make it happen with the Make Your Own Music Box Kit. This delightful kit includes an instruction booklet and the Happy Birthday song to help you get started, but don’t let that limit your musical genius. To compose your own song, just punch holes in the provided music paper strips, turn the crank and listen to your masterpiece. Makes a thoughtful and unique gift for music lovers.
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The Idea

Make your own music with just a crank and whole punched paper.

The Brains

Improve your musical and creativity skills.

The A-Ha

Listen to the sweet, sweet melody of your own creation.

The Brain Coach Says

My brother who majored in Music had a blast with this set! It's fun for master and beginner musicians. Don't forget to stock up on extra paper!

Twinkle, twinkle little kit. You and my brain make a darn good fit.

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