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Magic Labyrinth

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Hidden mazes, a mystical theme and a Master Wizard combine in an enchanting memory game aptly named the Magic Labyrinth.

In the game, players must collect lost objects before the Master Wizard notices they’re missing. But every worthwhile mystical adventure comes with a catch. In this case, that catch is hidden walls under the game board that players find through trial and error.

Each player has a magnet connected to a metal piece under the board. Run into a wall and the magnet falls off, forcing you to start over. Remember where the walls are to advance through the labyrinth and acquire memory skills that would make any Master Wizard weep.

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The Idea

Navigate a maze and collect the objects using your memory.

The Brains

Blast your hippocampus with a memory workout!

The A-Ha

Too many errors and the wizard awakes from his slumber! Don't let that happen.

Brain Health Expert Says

Keep track of location, people and paths to win the game and activate your hippocampus.


2009 Kinderspiel des Jahres, 2010 Arets Barnespill

The Brain Coach Says

Magic Labyrinth is my favorite game. So much fun to play! I challenge my team with different mazes, and we set them up from difficult to easy. I especially like that this is a game my whole family can play from youngest to oldest and we all enjoy it.

Product Details

Brain Category
warningsCHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Recommended Age6+
Play lengthPlay Length20-30
Inside the Box
  • Multi-layer board game (underground labyrinth and floor plate)
  • 24 wooden wall pieces
  • 24 magic symbol chips
  • 1 cloth bag
  • 1 die 
  • 4 colored magicians (red, blue, yellow and green)
  • 4 metal balls
  • Instructions
# of Players2+

Customer Reviews

Memory fun!!!


This is such a great game for memory. Trying to remember where the walls are so you don't drop your marble is very tricky and fun.

How To Play

  • Each player chooses a magician and takes a metal ball. The game starts at the respective corners of the labyrinth, one player in each corner. If there are two players, choose opposite corners.
  • Put your magician on the starting square and carefully put the ball against it from below until it is held by the magnet.
  • Your objective is to move your magician to a square containing the matching sign shown on the symbol chip without dropping the metal ball.
  • On your turn, throw the die once and then move your magician in any direction according to the number on the die. Move your magician horizontally or vertically, and you may turn whenever you want. Players may not move diagonally.
  • Take care that you move the magician swiftly. You may pass other magicians but only one magician can occupy a square.
  • If you hit a wall, the ball will drop and land in one of the four corners, ending your turn. Remove the ball and put your magician and the metal ball back in the starting corner.
  • When you reach the desired magic symbol on the board, you may take the symbol chip (any remaining symbols are not used). Then draw a new symbol chip from the bag and place it face up. If a player is already on the new drawn symbol, they get that chip and a new one is drawn from the bag.
  • The first person to collect 5 magic symbols wins the game.