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Little Red Riding Hood

| Marbles_Junior
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Learning to follow directions, avoid trouble and recognize wolves in granny's clothing are all important skills for kids to learn. The story of Little Red Riding Hood illustrates these lessons and provides problem solving for when life throws a wolf at you. Now kids do their own problem solving in a colorful puzzle recreation of the classic kids tale.

Little Red Riding Hood is great IQ-building entertainment for kids ages 3 and up. It has a puzzle booklet, picture storybook and a puzzle game complete with colorful puzzle pieces and Big Bad Wolf (you may have seen his previous work in Three Little Piggies).

There are 48 challenges in the booklet for one player to solve (solutions included in the booklet). Puzzles to solve both with and without wolf. Teach the usual lessons from the story while building higher cognitive thinking, visual-spatial perceptions and problem solving.

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The Idea

Bring a classic children's story to life with a brain building puzzle.

The Brains

Develops logic, cognition, visual/spatial perspective and wolf-avoiding skills.

The A-Ha

Get Little Red Riding Hood to Granny's house with and without wolf obstacles!

Brain Health Expert Says

This game helps build fine motor skills, problem solving and visual spatial skills


ASTRA Best Toy for Kids Award

Product Details

Brain Category

Choking Hazard-Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Recommended Age4-7
Play lengthPlay Length20-30
Inside the Box
  • game grid
  • 5 puzzle pieces with roads,
  • 1 wolf
  • 1 Red Riding Hood
  • 3 trees
  • 1 house
  • 48 challenges (24 without the wolf, 24 with the wolf)
  • picture book
DepartmentCritical Thinking
# of Players1

How To Play

  1. Choose a challenge. Place the house, trees, Red Riding Hood and the wolf on the game board as indicated. Make sure you pay attention to the position of the chimney on the house, so that the doors are facing the correct direction. Pieces may not be moved until the challenge is solved.
  2. Create 2 different paths. One path to connect Red Riding Hood to the house, the other path to connect the wolf to the house. Both paths must connect with a different door at the house. As the challenges get more difficult, more puzzle pieces (roads) will be needed. Some of the squares on the board may remain empty.
  3. There is only 1 solution, which can be found on the backside of each challenge in the booklet.