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It’s time to reconnect those neurons that may have lost their way over the years with a fun, new party trivia game where every answer is correlated to each other.

Linkee is a rollicking, socially active trivia game where wits prevail. Players must get into teams and the reader reads aloud each question on the Linkee card. Each answer has something in common with the next and the first team to find the common theme in all of the answers and shout it out wins the card.

However, guess wrong and you’re out for the round. Use your memory recall and word processing powers to win the game! You’re guaranteed to (The Roman god of affection and attraction, blood pumping organ, famous story of star-crossed lovers, popular Peter Frampton hit) it!

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The Idea

Answer four trivia questions and find the common link between the answers.

The Brains

Test your long-term memory and verbal reasoning.

The A-Ha

Win a card for guessing the link then spell "Linkee" with your cards to win the game.

Brain Health Expert Says

Test your long-term memory and verbal reasoning in this game of trivia and categorization.

The Brain Coach Says

Linkee is a unique and addictive trivia game that really stretches my long term memory recall skills. I wish there was an app for this!

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age14+
DepartmentWord Skills
# of Players2+

How To Play

Answer the four questions, then work out what links those answers and shout LINKEE! Get it right and win a letter. Win enough letters to spell Linkee and you've won the game.