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This timeless game of Labyrinth is all about the balancing - like yoga for your hands! The idea is that, by using only the knobs on the sides of the board to tilt towards your direction, you must guide the steel ball along the black path, through the labyrinth, to find inner peace (or in this case, the Marbles brain).

Along the way are many traps, but no worries if the ball falls through one - simple play for points, and add the number of that trap to your score!

Use the four included mazes to play head-to-head, as a family, as a team, or in the quiet of your own mind. (And, as an added bonus, two mazes feature brainy facts, so you can learn state capitals or periodic elements at the same time!)

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The Idea

Guide the steel ball along the black path without dropping it in a trap.

The Brains

Use memory recall & visual processing during navigation.

The A-Ha

Learn brainy facts as you play – state capitals & periodic elements!

Brain Health Expert Says

The hippocampus, important for memory storage and recall, as well as visual processing centers are activated while navigating the Labyrinth.

The Brain Coach Says

As a child Labyrinth was my arch nemesis! The new one is so much smoother that it has been therapeutic redemption to beat the mazes! I love that it has a set of different mazes so that if I get stuck on one, I can take a break and switch to another one.

This labyrinth ain't for lab rats!

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Brain Category
warningsWARNING: Choking Hazard -- This toy contains small part, small ball. Not for children under 3 years.
Recommended Age8+
# of Players1

Customer Reviews

Classic Game


This is a classic game that will last for years and years. Children and adults will have fun with the challenge. It's perfect for a game room or den and should always be easily accessible for a turn. Our 9-year-old twins love it.

Awesome Game


When we first opened the game, one of the knobs seemed to be stuck, but the support team was very helpful and quickly returned emails with how to fix it. The game is addicting, challenging, and fun. Definitely worth it for the extra boards. Will never get board of it!

Good gift


Got this as a gift for my brother for his game room. I didn't get to see it, but he said that the quality was excellent and it was exactly the kind of thing that he and his friends would pick up to do while they are chatting, etc. He said it came with four different boards and though he only tried one, he did say that it was pretty difficult and could be frustrating depending on your frame of mind at the moment. Overall, sounded like a really good product!I only gave 4 stars for price because I'm cheap, and four for value because I didn't see it myself.

Puzzle Review


Although this puzzle is pricy, it provides a difficult challenge that will keep you addicted. 4 tracks may seem like nothing, but you will no longer think that when you see how challenging it is. Also, do the tracks in reverse to get 8 tracks!