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Straight from the cozy pubs of Denmark comes this lively parlour game, Klask, that you must have in your home! Combining the best parts of Foosball and Air Hockey, players must use the magnetic handle on the bottom of the board to control their playing piece on top of the board, and hit the ball into their opponent's goal.

Watch out! There are tiny white magnets on the board too and if you get too close to one, SNAP, they attach to your playing piece. If two magnets attach to you, your opponent wins a point, and if you maneuver your playing piece into your own goal your opponent can snag a point again!

Klask is an excellent, high-quality game that brings family and friends together for a rousing match of coordination and reflex building fun. Not only do we have the Danes to thank for Cheese Danishes, we can also give them a high-five for Klask!

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The Idea

Hit the ball into your opponent's goal while avoiding the traps on the playing board!

The Brains

Moving your magnet on the bottom of the board builds coordination and fast reflexes.

The A-Ha

With multiple ways to score, Klask is always a thrilling game to play and observe!

Brain Health Expert Says

This game will refine visuomotor coordination and proprioceptive (sense of body position) precision.


Major Fun Award

Product Details

Brain Category
warnings"WARNING! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Contains small parts that may be swallowed and may represent a choking hazard.
Recommended Age8+
Play lengthPlay Length20-30
# of Players2

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Great idea, FUN, but some minor changes could make it amazing.


So before people freak out that I didn't give it a 5 out of 5, please read why. This is one of my favorite games in the house. Everyone loves this game. That being said, I don't just review on the fun, but on the product itself. There are some things that need to be changed, and here is a list of them to really make it a 5 out of 5 product.

The board itself needs to be just a little bit taller. Some people with really big hands have to hold their paddle with a flat hand awkwardly. A design change to maybe make the board about an inch or two higher so everyone feels comfly with their hand underneath is needed.

LEVELING LEGS ARE A MUST! I have seen this so many times. The table you are playing on might be flat, but if the ground and everything around you is not 100% level, the ball and magnets will favor rolling to one side. we had to keep adding little things under the board to level it as much as possible. Also adding slip guard to those legs would be amazing. When the game gets really heated, people slamming their hands into the board while moving fast causes the board to slide all over the table. When you have stuff under the legs to keep it level and the board gets moved, you have to pause play to fix everything.

The game comes with an extra magnet and extra ball, but I would like to see it come with, or have somewhere to buy extra paddles. We have played so much that one of the paddles has gotten worn just a tiny bit, and that small little uneven surface has started putting scratches all over the board. We actually started using the bottom paddle on top, and the top on bottom because it still has a smooth surface.

Is this a game worth buying, YES, but you could you make deluxe versions or a Klask V2 that is way better and that would for sure maybe me give it 5 stars.

Great game for all ages!


We absolutely love this game! My two boys (ages 6 and 8) tried it out in the store and couldn't stop playing. My wife and I tested it out too. It is so much fun. Kind of like foosball and air hockey rolled into one. I like that it has a little bit of skill and chance involved because of the how the ball rolls. It makes it so an older player won't always dominate a younger player. It makes it fun for everyone. Can't recommend Klask enough!



Fun and exiting game. If you start you don't want to stop...

Klask was the hit of Christmas day!


What an awesome game! My 13 yr. old son asked for Klask for Christmas this year after seeing it in the catalog. I was hesitant about ordering due to the cost and I couldn't find many reviews on it. I'm so glad I took a chance, this is the new family favorite. We brought it to our family gathering Christmas day too. It was played nonstop by all ages. I can't say enough about this game. I'm hoping family members don't buy it so I can give it as a gift next year. Don't hesitate to order this game, you will not be disappointed. Well made game, looks like it would last many generations. I Love it!
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How To Play

  • Game on! Players hit the red ball around the field by moving their strikers using the steering magnets under the game board.
  • Players are free to move at all times and there is no order of turn.
  • The aim is to score points by shooting the red ball into the goal hole at your opponent’s side of the board.
  • You will also need to be careful not to lose control of your striker or fall into the goal on your side, as this will give your opponent a point.
  • You can also use the red ball to move the white magnets around, but watch out: if two of the white magnets stick to your striker, your opponent gets a point.
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