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Keep Your Brain Alive

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If taking a different route to work or brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand could increase brain activity and help prevent memory loss, would you do it? Hint: the smart answer is “yes.” Keep Your Brain Alive by Dr. Lawrence Katz and Manning Rubin features 83 neurobic exercises that use your five senses in unexpected ways to shake up your everyday routine and fire up your brain’s neurons. This straightforward book explains how simple, do-anywhere exercises can stimulate the production of nutrients that grow brain cells, help ward off the effects of mental aging, prevent memory loss and increase mental fitness.
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The Idea

Activate your brain by performing daily activities in new ways.

The Brains

Work all different parts of your brain doing everyday tasks with a twist.

The A-Ha

Entertain yourself with surprisingly simple activities with a big payoff.

Brain Health Expert Says

A tantalizing neurobiological double whammy- living a more creative and inventive life creates a more powerful brain.

The Brain Coach Says

Keep Your Brain Alive is a short book that is easy to read and understand. It starts out with a few pages explaining the basics of how the brain works. The rest of the book suggests things that you can do to introduce new things into your routine. Adding these novel ideas into your daily routine will strengthen your brain and the way it works. I re-read parts of this book often for helpful information on how to keep my brain active!

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Brain Category
authorLawrence Katz and Manning Rubin
publisherWorkman Publishing Company

Customer Reviews

My grandmother loves it!


My grandmother has been very interested in the latest news about how she should strengthen her brain. I checked out Marbles as I walking through downtown Chicago and found this book. I thought my grandma would toss it aside, but it turns out she couldn't put it down once she opened it. She loved it and has even been giving me tips on how to strengthen my brain! I highly recommend you make this purchase!

A great book


I have to admit that when my daughter gave me this book for my birthday I was a bit skeptical. But after being retired for some years, I feel I don't use my "brains" that much, so I gave it a try and the results are fascinating. All this games and exercises are so interesting, I feel something is really moving up in the old box! Plus, my life is much more fun now.