KanJam Mini

| Coordination
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One of our favorite active outdoorsy games in our extensive catalog is KanJam. It’s a fast paced and incredibly fun coordination booster that can now with its shorter stature be played just about anywhere. KanJam Mini can be enjoyed in a dorm room, office, hallway, patio, garage, living room, basement, or even any room that houses your grandmother’s fine china. You and your teammate must take turns throwing and deflecting the flying disc into your Kan. If you can slap your teammate’s disc into the Kan, you earn three points, slap the disc and have it hit the Kan and you earn one point. However, if your teammate is skilled enough to throw it directly into the Kan without the help of a teammate it’s an instant win! Or, the team to score exactly 21 points wins. If you’re looking to have some outdoor style fun while Old Man Winter is throwing his Mid-January temper tantrum, look no further than KanJam Mini!

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The Idea

Take turns throwing and deflecting the disc to score points by hitting the goal.

The Brains

Test your visual and motor coordination skills in this desktop version of the game.

The A-Ha

Teammates stand at opposite goals and take turns until one team scores exactly 21 points.

Brain Health Expert Says

Test your visual and motor coordination skills as you throw the disc towards a target.

The Brain Coach Says

KanJam is one of my favorite games to play with my little brother who just went off to college. Thankfully, he can still enjoy a game of KanJam in his dorm with this mini version. It's great for instant roommate bonding, too!


Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age8+
Inside the Box
  • 2 goals
  • 2 custom labels
  • 1 mini disc
# of Players1-2

How To Play

Take turns throwing and deflecting the flying disc as they try to score points by hitting or entering the top of the goal. How to Win: The first team to score 21 points wins the game, unless a player throws a hugely popular, yet extremely skilled "Instant Win" toss through the narrow slot on the front of the target.