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Jamstik+ with Travel Case

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Everyone wants to play guitar, but not everyone wants to practice. Playing guitar and feeling like a rockstar is fun. Practicing and feeling frustration over learning is not even close to fun. Jamstik+ is here to break the barrier, making learning AND playing guitar fun.

As if that weren’t cool enough, Jamstik+ is also a revolutionary instrument as the first smart guitar. Once hooked up to your device via Bluetooth, Jamstik+ can “see” your finger placement and display them in the app, providing guidance and instant feedback. It has real frets and strings that never need tuning. Plus, the apps make learning the guitar feel more like a game. Learn to play chords in just minutes, no previous music experience needed.

Already a guitar player? Jamstik+ is also a flexible MIDI tool so you can create and play sounds with hundreds of other apps. You control your own digital studio!

At long last, you can be the guitar hero you’ve always dreamed about in your room (you weren’t learning much guitar from that tennis racket anyway). Get the guitar and guitar lessons all in one package. Time to get jamming with Jamstik+!

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The Idea

Learn to play and feel like a rockstar guitar player while having a blast doing it.

The Brains

Learn & practice guitar with cutting-edge tech & built-in rewards.

The A-Ha

Comes with an app that opens up amazing guitar playing and learning possibilities.

Brain Health Expert Says

Learning to play the guitar will sharpen fine motor precision as you develop auditory discrimination, timing, and creativity.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age12+
Inside the Box
  • 1 jamstik+
  • rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • strap
  • 2 guitar picks
  • micro USB cable
  • quick start guide
  • travel case

How To Play

The Jamstik+ is designed to get you playing quickly. The app gives on-screen guidance to your fingers so you'll be playing chords in minutes. Get with started with your personal lesson-practice-recording studio by following these steps:

  • Download the Jamstik+ app to your device.
  • Activate Bluetooth on your device and power up the Jamstik+.
  • Open the Jamstik+ app.
  • Launch the jamTutor lessons and follow along with the interactive video lessons and games.
  • Sensors in the Jamstik+ will "see" your fingers as you play, giving you real-time, on-screen feedback.
  • You got it! Keep going with lessons and practice at your pace, anytime, anywhere!