Jacob's Ladder

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Before TVs, MP3 players, video games and countless other techno-powered gadgets came along, kids had to find simpler ways to keep their idle hands busy and wandering minds occupied.

One such way was with Jacob’s Ladder. This ancient folk toy consists of wooden blocks held together by ribbons that appear to cascade down the ribbons with the rotation of your wrist.

But in reality, this is just an optical illusion resulting from the blocks flipping over one after another.

This timeless toy makes a great stocking stuffer and office time waster.

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The Idea

A cascading brick brain tickler.

The Brains

A fidget toy to relieve stress.

The A-Ha

Discover many ways to play.

The Brain Coach Says

Jacob's Ladder keeps my hands busy as my mind wanders. The cascading effect of the wooden blocks is oh so mesmerizing as well.

Your brain will touch the sky!

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Recommended Age5+
DepartmentNo Brainer
# of Players1+