Split Decision

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    The fast-paced trivia game where every choice is tempting and every decision matters!

    Activate your frontal cortex and memory as you make quick choices and recall facts on the fly.

    Choose between unique pairings: Medieval Torture Device, or Bed Bath and Beyond Gadget?

    Are you ready to be crowned the Ultimate Split Decision Maker? Get ready for the fastest, funniest trivia game on the block, where every choice is tempting and every decision matters! You'll have fun choosing between these unique pairings: Medieval Torture Device or Bed Bath & Beyond Gadget? Celebrity Baby Name or Computer Virus? Military Operation or Cat Litter Brand? And many more!

    Brain Health Expert Says:

    "Activate your frontal cortex and hippocampus as you make quick decisions and remember facts on the fly."

    Split Decision

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    Split Decision features 240 cards printed with bizarre pairings -- like "Ben & Jerry's Flavor or Pottery Barn Paint Color?" or "Presidential Pet or Presidential Child?

    Below the pairings are choices that seem like they could go either way. For example, one might easily mistake "Philadelphia Cream" for an ice cream flavor, or believe "Billy Coolidge" was a first kid -- not a first pygmy hippopotamus.

    Teams must determine which of the two pairing matches the choice. Correct choices earn points and the team that scores the most points in a round wins.


        Split Decision Rules .PDF


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    The Marbles BrainCoach says...

    Split Decision is the funniest trivia game I've ever played (and I've played quite a few). Enjoyable for anyone regardless of their trivia knowledge level. The Mental_Floss people totally nailed it with this game!

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