Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction

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    It’s office warfare and you need to defend your desktop. Lucky for you, Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction by toy designer John Austin provides step-by-step instructions for making 35 cubicle-protecting devices, including catapults, mini-bombs, darts, trebuchets, combustion shooters, slingshots and more. Bring a few items from home and raid your company’s office supply cabinet for binder clips, rubber bands and ballpoint pens. Before you know it, you’ll have everything you need to build an impressive stockpile of weapons to help you assert dominion over your personal space. Just don’t ambush your boss with a trebuchet built from paper clips or it could get ugly at your annual review.

    Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction

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    ISBN 9781556529535
    author John Austin
    publisher Chicago Review Press
    pages 256
    format Paperback

    The Marbles BrainCoach says...

    Did someone take your lunch out of the office 'fridge again? It's time to exact your revenge, and Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction will give you a full range of tiny artillery to get the job done.

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