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    Decipher idioms and common phrases from clues read by opponents to advance on the board.

    Strengthen your word skills and memory recall speed.

    Some literal translations of idioms and common phrases can stump even the best word nerds.

    You're not one to brag, but your word skills are the cat's pajamas and you think winning Idiom Addict: will be a piece of cake. However, you may want to get off your linguistic high horse and stop counting your chickens before they've hatched because winning this party game of idioms and synonyms is easier said than done.

    Here's how it works: decipher idioms and common phrases from clues read by opposing teams to advance on the game board. But don't be a sourpuss if your team loses. Because win or lose, you'll give your brain's language centers a workout. And the prize of a bigger brain is nothing to sneeze at.

    Brain Health Expert Says:

    "Strengthen your word skills and memory recall speed."

    Idiom Addict

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    Designed for at least four players to create teams of two, roll the die to see what challenges lie ahead. If ‘Synonym Twist’ is rolled, players from the opposing teams go head to head to guess common phrases from the provided clues, i.e Grimy Wealthy (Filthy Rich) or Matrimony Gown, (Wedding Dress). If a x1 or x2 is rolled, players choose a ‘Mixed Messages’ card and have only 30 seconds to guess the provided idioms. An example could be, “Use currency with belief that it is cultivated from woody plant foliage,” (Spend money as if it grows on trees.) The x1 or x2 indicates how many spaces you move your pawn for every idiom you guess correctly. The first team to the finish line wins!

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    format skills game
    number of players groups
    number of players 4+
    manufacturer recommended age

    The Marbles BrainCoach says...

    I love Idiom Addict because it challenges your brain while also having a classic board game feel. Get ready to expand your knowledge of idioms with this challenging game! Break a leg!

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