Hydraulic Robotic Arm

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The world of engineering is calling. And you can make your kids listen with the Hydraulic Robotic Arm.

Constructed from sturdy, die-cut plywood with an MDF base, this do-it-yourself 3D model takes about an hour to assemble and makes it fun to learn about robotics, levers, fluid dynamics and engineering principles.

When assembled, it rotates 90 degrees, stands 34 cm high and has arms that stretch 41 cm. The best part?

The Hydraulic Robotic Arm can pick up and move small objects, which will keep your budding engineer mesmerized for hours.


  • All pieces necessary to build the robotic arm
  • You'll just need a ruler and scissors to complete the project!
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The Idea

Learn fundamentals of engineering and how to power a machine using fluid dynamics.

The Brains

It employs your frontal lobe for planning and fine motor skills for the construction.

The A-Ha

After assembly, you can pick up and move small objects!!!

Brain Health Expert Says

Learn basic principles of physics while engaging fine motor skills of the motor cortex in order to build an awesome machine.

The Brain Coach Says

What an excellent tool for learning all about robotics! The assembly is quick, the plywood is durable, and the tricks it can do are a blast. The Hydraulic Robotic Arm is a wonderful way to practice fine motor skills along with your new robot friend.

Teach a robot friend new tricks.

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Recommended Age8+
# of Players1+

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My boys love it


This thing is awesome. My boys (6 and 9) absolutely love it.

not-so-great product


The robotic arm is a very cool idea. The instructions however did not make any sense and the pieces were very breakable. We also had trouble connecting the tubes to the syringes. Manually punching out the holes was a pain.

Extremely Clever and fun


This is an amazingly well thought out "toy". I put this together with my two kids ages 10 and 5. They had to categorize all of the parts, read the instructions, problem solve and have patience. And, in the end, they used the robotic arm to load the catapult that we also built from a Marbles kit. Both kids are proud of what they made and excited to show it off.

Great educational product for the young student engineer.


I purchased 2 for children of family friends and they like the product very much. It is not just a "toy" but a product that not only a child of age 8+ would like, but even adults. I have purchased 3 more as a future gift but also one for myself, a 50+ year old engineer. It is a lot of fun as well as educational.
Viewing 1 - 4 of 14
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How To Play

  1. Follow the included instructions, then load 'er up and let 'er rip! 
  2. Assembly takes about an hour and is a great solo project for older kids, or as a family activity with the younger ones. 
  3. See how you can operate the Hydraulic Robotic Arm!
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