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Holly Jolly and Jazzy CD

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After a long day of dashing through the snow, waiting in line and checking off your naughty or nice list, you’re not feeling so joyful and triumphant.

In fact, you’re just ready to head home and sleep in heavenly peace—until the New Year.

We recommend putting on your PJs, pouring yourself something toasty, and turning on the Holly, Jolly and Jazzy CD.

Performed by the Laura Caviani Trio, this Marbles-exclusive collection features relaxing instrumental renditions of all your holiday favorites.

It’s the perfect escape from the seasonal insanity and makes a sophisticated soundtrack for holiday soirees.

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The Idea

Features relaxing instrumental renditions of all your holiday favorites.

The Brains

Engage auditory receptors to sooth your holiday stress.

The A-Ha

The perfect escape from seasonal insanity, performed by the Laura Caviani Trio

The Brain Coach Says

The holidays can be a hectic and stressful time. The Holly Jolly Jazzy CD is a wonderful way to chill out, relax, and let your brain soak up the season with some old favorites. The music is just as warming as a cup of hot cocoa!

Happy holidays deserve the holly and the jolly to be jazzy.

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Recommended Age8+
publisherMarbles: the Brain Store

Customer Reviews

Wonderfully jazzy holiday CD


Listening to this jazzy holiday CD brings me to such a happy state of mind. It is wonderful to listen to in the car while driving through the snow, while at home entertaining guests or even putting up your holiday decorations. I'm so glad I heard this playing in the Marbles store. Would have given it 5 stars, except I think it's slightly over-priced.