Holiday Smencils

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Mmmmm, smell that? That's the smell of fresh gingerbread cookies baking in the oven. OR IS IT!? Gotchya! It's just your pencil that's perfuming the air with sweet, sweet scents.

The Holiday Smencils are an awesome set of deliciously aromatic Holiday themed pencils that smell like Cinnamon, Sugar Cookie, Sugar Plum, Gingerbread, and Holiday Cheer. Made of recycled newspaper, Holiday Smencils are an eco-friendly and tantalizing stocking stuffer idea.

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The Idea

A set of pencils that smell like Christmas memories.

The Brains

Give your senses a wake up call.

The A-Ha

Keep the holiday cheer going for months!

Product Details

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Recommended Age4+
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  • 5 holiday scented pencils
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