Hive Game

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    Surround your opponents' Queen Bee in this boardless strategy game.

    Expand executive decision-making and advanced strategic planning skills.

    Each bug-themed piece has its own way of moving, resulting in endless strategies.

    So, you love games of abstract strategy, but you're tired of the same old military-themed matches. Well then, welcome to the Hive: a kinder, gentler, board-less game that will flex your brain's left hemisphere and put your strategic planning skills to work. The object of Hive is to surround your opponent's Queen Bee with ants, spiders, beetles and grasshoppers. Each bug-themed piece has its own way of moving, resulting in endless strategies and counter-strategies. Sometimes called "nature's chess," this highly addictive two-player game is well designed, superbly crafted and never, ever tested on bugs. Hive comes with a handy carrying case, making it a smart travel game.

    Brain Health Expert Says:

    "Helpful to anyone needing to expand left hemisphere abilities, such as executive decision making and advanced strategic planning skills." -Brain Specialist

    Hive Game

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    How to Play:

    Two players choose either the black or white tiles. Players take turns adding their tiles to a collective field called "The Hive". Newly added tiles cannot touch their opponent's pieces - except for the first moves of the game. By the fourth move, players must place their Queen Bee tile somewhere on the hive. The rest of the game is a decision about which pieces to add, which pieces to move, and where to move them. Once added to the board: The Ant tiles can move anywhere they want on the outside of the Hive; Grasshopper tiles can move in a straight line, jumping over whatever pieces are in their way; Spider tiles move in groups of only three moves away from their starting space in any direction; Beetle tiles can move one space at a time, and can move on top of other pieces, keeping them from moving.

    How to Win:

    The player who can surround their opponent's Queen Bee is the winner.


        Hive Game Rules .PDF


    Additional Information

    format board game
    number of players 2 players
    manufacturer recommended age
    awards Mensa Select

    The Marbles BrainCoach says...

    Hive is one of my favorite games in the store. The variety of moves that can be made means that each game will be unique. I love trying out new strategies and moves.

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