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Gray Matter Kinetic Sand

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There ain't nothing like a beach day. The sun on your face, your toes in the sand; now you can bring beachy AND brainy fun to your home!

Introducing Gray Matter, the non-Newtonian fluid that will befuzzle and inspire creativity in brainiacs of all ages. Gray Matter is an incredible feat of science of antibacterial and non-toxic, super light-weight building sand. Boredom doesn't sand a chance!

You can shape it and mold it to your heart's content as it never dries out! It even sticks to itself without it being sticky which means your carpet and furniture are safe from any unwanted crusty spots.

Build the sand castles you always dreamed of. Roll it into spongy cannon balls as extra ammunition for your da Vinci's Catapult or da Vinci's Trebuchet. There are numerous fun and interesting ways to play!

So, lay out the beach towel, apply the sunscreen, and put on your thinking caps; Gray Matter is here to brighten up your day. It's beachy keen!

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The Idea

Gray Matter is a molding sand that you can mold, shape, create, and play.

The Brains

Exercise parts of your fine motor coordination as you create unique shapes.

The A-Ha

Doesn't dry out or stick or stain to fabrics and carpets.

Brain Health Expert Says

Exercise your fine motor skills and creativity as you manipulate Gray Matter and create shapes and patterns.

The Brain Coach Says

This stuff is nothing short of amazing! I love building sand castles as I watch the blizzard blowing outside my window. I especially love the easy clean up!

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age6+
# of Players1-3

Customer Reviews



This stuff is really neat to play with. It brings out the child in every adult, I'm 59. It truly is easy to play with, acts like beach sand, without the mess. IF I decide to share, I am sure that my young nieces, nephews and grand kids would love to play with this stuff. :) I also got the blue variety, it is identical to the grey matter, only blue.