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    Marbles offers gift wrapping on this brainy product for only $1!
    We haven’t lost our minds, we just know how nice it is to avoid those dull scissors and tape that won’t tear. To add gift wrapping to your order, just select the “yes” button under the “add gift wrap” section.

    Get four of your uncovered pieces in a row to win.

    Larger pieces can cover smaller pieces, which puts your memory to the test.

    On each turn, place a new piece or move previously played pieces to reveal pieces beneath.

    Tic-tac-toe is all fine and dandy. But where's the ability to move your pieces around the board? Where's the fun of gobbling up your opponent's smaller piece? Where's the handsome wood storage box? They're all in Gobblet, an award-winning game of strategy for the whole family. This four-in-a-row game adds complex layers and multiple levels of learning that will have your frontal cortex buzzing as you use your memory and forward thinking skills to gobble up your opponent. As an added bonus, you can up your feel-good quotient knowing that the makers of Gobblet plant two trees for every one tree used to produce their games.

    Brain Health Expert Says:

    "The hippocampus, the memory center of the brain, is engaged when you plan future moves and recall rules to complete this game."


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    How to Play:

    Each player gets three stacks of either the black or plain wood pieces. During a turn, players draw a piece off of the top of one of their stacks and place it on the board. Instead of adding a new piece, they may move an existing piece on the board. If the piece being used is bigger than another piece on the board, the smaller piece can be gobbled up. The gobbled pieces can be their opponent's piece or their own. Remember where the hidden pieces are or you could uncover an opponent's piece that could win them the game!

    How to Win:

    The first player to get four of their pieces in a row is the winner.


        Gobblet Rules .PDF


    Additional Information

    format board game
    number of players 2 players
    manufacturer recommended age
    warnings CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

    The Marbles BrainCoach says...

    This fun family game is a fabulous way to teach kids how to play strategy games. Kids like the familiarity of the Tic Tac Toe aspect, but LOVE the prospect of getting to gobble up their opponent's pieces in order to win the game.

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