Geekbox: Metal Edition

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After all the geeking out over our wooden Geekbox puzzles, we decided to go metal. Not like hair band metal; not puzzles with some soft love ballad solution. No. These puzzles twist and bend together at impossible angles like a thrash metal guitarist mid-chorus. Think you can follow our riff by taking these jams apart and putting them back together again? Power to you, metal geek.

We painstakingly tested various metal puzzles before settling on these six of varying difficulty levels. They'll spark your brain's visual and perception places, providing the same mind candy to feed memory, visual perception, and strategic thinking skills of the wooden Geekbox. But with a more hard core base. How's that for an encore?

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The Idea

Six brain-bending metal puzzles to bring out your inner-geek.

The Brains

One of those rare puzzles that engages multiple brain hemispheres simultaneously.

The A-Ha

Bend your brain around solving them, then bend it back in reassembly.

Brain Health Expert Says

These unlinking puzzles will help refine your parietal lobe circuits, which are responsible for 3D visuospatial reasoning and imagery.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age8+
Inside the Box

Six, unlinking metal puzzles.

number of pieces12