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Over the years, we’ve learned that the simplest toys are often the smartest. Case in point: Fidget Widgets. These colorful wooden blocks are strung together with heavy-duty nylon elastic and painted with non-toxic, lead-free paint.

They can be manipulated into endless shapes and are great at teaching dexterity, problem solving and color recognition skills.

They keep kids ages three and up occupied on long holiday car rides over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house, and give you something to do with your hands while you're on long conference calls or in meetings.

Fidget Widgets are slightly addictive, and you may find over time that if you take them to the office, they magically disappear and reappear in co-workers' hands.

Please note: colors may vary.

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The Idea

Colorful wooden blocks strung together with heavy-duty nylon elastic.

The Brains

Exercises your fine motor skills as you manipulate the pieces to create different shapes.

The A-Ha

They manipulate into many shapes and are great at teaching dexterity and problem solving.

Brain Health Expert Says

Fidget Widgets exercises your fine motor skills as you manipulate the pieces to create different shapes.

The Brain Coach Says

These portable little fidget toys are perfect for travelling with my young nephews. They can connect many Fidget Widgets to create fantastical creatures of their imagination!

Fiddle away with a real hootenanny of a fidget toy!

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So Awesome!


These little fidgets are so appealing to the eye, they really attract you to them. These would be great for your desk at your job, just in case you need a brain exercise to take your mind off your work at the moment. Or you can play with them while your on conference call!

Fun fun fun!


Deceptively simple. I tutor dyslexic kids and use these as a "warm up". The kids get into them instantly, and as they are very tactile, the kids show their skills and love it! I show the you tube demo and they want to make the cowboy and horse. They are so excited to do it and to show someone they can. Great ego boost for these kids!!



I enjoy these very much. They keep me busy when I am bored, in the car or just need something to play just for the heck of it. These things are great for all ages. You can make all kinds of things with them such as jet packs, stairs and a number of countless things. I also give these to my mom when she is stressed and helps her relieve the stress. Overall I enjoy playing with the Fiddlesticks.



I saw these and knew I needed them for my classroom. Then I bought some for all of my college student friends for Christmas and everyone loves them. They are brilliant. I am sure I will be purchasing more.
Viewing 1 - 4 of 10
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