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Mmmmm, childhood nostalgia. There’s nothing quite so comforting as going back to a familiar place, whether it’s with the mesmerizing Spirograph Kit you opened on Christmas morning or the never ending rounds of Jarts (you better duck!) you played at family cookouts.

What’s even better is sharing the little joys from your Salad Days to future generations. What’s now back and better than ever are the Fashion Plates!

Just like you remember them from the late 1970’s, simply mix and match three different ridged, textured, and double sided design plates to create the perfect hairstyle, fashionable top, and trendy bottom combination.

Then, take a crayon or colored pencil and rub against the ridges to see your design come to life on paper. The swanky and chic fun never stops! Kids can get their creative juices flowing while exercising fine motor skills and artistic freedom with Fashion Plates. Coco Chanel would be proud!

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The Idea

Place different combinations of plates together to create patterns.

The Brains

Exercises your creativity by engaging your parietal lobe.

The A-Ha

Use paper and crayon to trace the pattern into a full design.

Brain Health Expert Says

This classic clothing design set will develop creativity and will refine visual discrimination skills.


ASTRA Best Toy for Kids Award

The Brain Coach Says

Little fashionistas will have a ball creating their very own stylish outfits in this recreation of the 70's classic!

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age6+
Inside the Box
  • 15 fashion plates
  • 20 sheets of paper
  • 8 colored pencils
  • 2 rubbing crayons
  • 1 crayon holder
  • 1 drawing tablet
  • 1 fashion case
  • 1 idea guide
publisherKahootz Toys
DepartmentVisual Perception
# of Players1+

Customer Reviews

Great nostalgia gift!


If you were born in 70s or 80s , you will surely remember these! They are the original version, with the conservative clothing styles. It is simple and I wish there was another version with more updated clothing styles, ie shorter shirts, lower waisted pants, etc. BUT this is fun for the girls ( mine are 11 and 10) to do that DOES NOT require a computer. The actually made their own styles and had fun. It is a great car game regarless of the pieces, since has a case. I simply like it for the memories it brought back listening to them fight over the blouses, lol,

one of my FAVORITE toys from my childhood!


everyone should have one of these! we had this one...a van-gos to create different vans and a card one! may have played with these more than my dolls, coloring books, puzzles, etc!

How To Play

  1. Place plates in the tablet
  2. Add paper and rub with crayon
  3. Flip plates to add patterns