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    Draw a card, name an item and quickly pass the egg-timer to the next player.

    Build short-term memory recall while practicing listening, speaking and reading skills.

    If the timer goes off on your turn, you're a rotten egg – three rotten eggs, and you're out.

    Naming cartoon characters, super powers and stuff you need to survive a zombie apocalypse sounds like a cinch. But there's a catch: in Egghead, the roll of the die determines one of five ways to play. So you might have to recall things from the 80s in alphabetical order or name stuff a pirate would say with your answer starting with the last letter of the previous player's answer. If the egg timer goes off during your turn, one of your golden egg cards turns rotten. The last player with at least one golden egg card wins the game. Everyone else gets egg-straordinary memory and word skills as a parting gift.


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    format skills game
    number of players 2 players
    manufacturer recommended age

    The Marbles BrainCoach says...

    I love playing Egghead with my friends! Mixing trivia with a timer, you are sure to improve your short term memory with this winner!