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Design Your Own Virtual Reality Marble Maze

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Design a marble maze, then become the marble inside the maze with Maze Builder. That's right. Make a maze with your own 2 hands, then experience it in virtual reality! First, build the physical model of the maze using the frame, walls and grids provided. Make it as tricky for that marble to escape as you like. Then turn from maze architect into game designer. Use a smartphone to take a picture of the maze and use the Maze app to convert it to a digital model. A whole new realm for your maze opens up! Insert obstacles, power-ups and more. Take a selfie and put it in your virtual maze. Add rolling boulders or a menacing robot. Enhance the experience and add challenges to mazes not seen since the days of King Minos and Minotaurs.

Now for the next level of the experience. Using a viewer you get to design and construct yourself, change from a maze designer to a maze runner; go inside your own digital maze! The viewer (and all custom arts and crafts attached to it) holds a smartphone that provides the 3D maze experience. Now you get to live the adventure you designed and built.

Finally, like King Minos, you can invite other people into your maze! By syncing devices over Bluetooth, your maze is available for friends and family to experience in their own virtual reality. Design, build, solve and share your own labyrinth (Minotaurs optional) with Maze Builder!

*app available for iPhone and Android

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The Idea

Make a maze with your hands, then experience it in virtual reality!

The Brains

Hands-on design in the physical and digital realms, double the creative interaction!

The A-Ha

You can share your mazes for others to solve.



Product Details

Brain Category

Choking Hazard: Small parts and marbles. Not for children under 3 years.

Recommended Age8+
Inside the Box
  • Wood Marble Maze
  • VR viewer
  • 45 Maze Walls
  • 5 Reusable Paper Grids
  • Maze Wall Adhesive Stickers
  • Start & End Stickers
  • 3 Marbles
  • Instructions
# of Players1+

Customer Reviews



This product totally blew my mind, you get to design your own maze, ( more than once I might add) and upload it to the app and step into the maze with the virtual reality viewer, not to mention if you have more than one viewer you can both play the same maze at the same time.
Also the board is your traditional Labyrinth and I think that is great.

Virtual Reality Is Exciting


This is an amazing product. I can design my own maze - simple or complex - and then enter the maze myself. When you put the VR viewer up to your eyes and push the button, you feel like you are the marble rolling through the maze. Turn your head left and you turn left in the maze. Hit a dead end - turn around and you "roll" back the other way. Change the maze for a new adventure!