DaVinci's Trebuchet

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Once upon a time, trebuchets smashed down castle walls, bringing entire kingdoms to their knees.

Fast forward a few hundred years and this working replica of Da Vinci's Trebucet can knock down makeshift dollhouses, office supply towers and other things your mischievous mind can think of to bring pesky siblings or annoying coworkers to their knees.

Measuring 18 inches long by seven inches wide by 24 inches tall, this battling bad boy can hurl a soft modeling clay ball over 20 feet. But all in good fun—of course.

Includes all pieces necessary to build the robotic arm. You'll just need a ruler, paper clamps, and scissors to fully assemble

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The Idea

Construct your own counterweight powered, projectile flinging machine!

The Brains

It takes full use of your frontal lobe and cerebellum to put together.

The A-Ha

Adjust the weight of the counter balance to fling stuff farther!

Brain Health Expert Says

Learn basic principles of physics while engaging fine motor skills of the motor cortex in order to build an awesome machine.

The Brain Coach Says

Italian Renaissance technology is fascinating and I loved working on a hands on experiment with one of da Vinci's finest. The trebuchet has a long range. It's great for Braindrops or even mini-marshmallows!

Knock down stuff! Feel the power!

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age8+
# of Players1+

How To Play

  1.  Follow the included instructions, then load 'er up and let 'er rip! 
  2. Assembly takes about an hour and is a great solo project for older kids, or as a family activity with the younger ones. 
  3. See what you can fling with Da Vinci's Trebuchet!

Download PDF Rules Of The Game