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Cubebot - Micro (Red)

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Shiny robots like R2-D2 and Rosie Jetson may get all the glory, but Micro Cubebot Red doesn’t mind one bit. Because in his wooden bot heart, he knows there’s something truly special about a robot that doesn’t require batteries, flashing lights and annoying sound effects to get attention.

He’s subtly confident with his sustainably harvested beech wood body and elastic muscles that let him strike endless poses and fold into a perfect 1.5-inch square after a long day at play.

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The Idea

A slide-able puzzle that transforms into a cute robotic buddy.

The Brains

Exercise spatial reasoning and critical thinking.

The A-Ha

Hundreds of poses, but only one solution.

Brain Health Expert Says

Exercise your fine motor coordination and visual processing centers by manipulating the pieces to generate unique shapes.

The Brain Coach Says

This little guy sits on my desk, and helps me unwind during a stressful day. My nieces love this for car trips too!

"I would love to have a robot at home." -Hugh Jackman

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age3+
DepartmentNo Brainer
# of Playerssolo