How to Use a Discount Code

    If you receive our newsletter, you may see a special offer for our website that requires a discount code. Playing with our products should strain your brain but buying our products shouldn't. That's why we've made it incredibly easy to use a discount code on our website.

    Here's how Discount Codes work:

    1) Shop our site and find some amazing brain-building products. Notice that we offer free shipping for orders over $100 (calculated before discount takes effect). That means you only need to add a bit more to your cart to get it all shipped to you for free...sort of a no-brainer.

    2) Add the products you find to your shopping cart.

    3) When you are ready to checkout, go to your shopping cart and in the field labeled "Discount Codes" add your coupon code. If you are having trouble, the most common cause is from copying and pasting the discount code. Instead of copying and pasting, try typing the code directly into the discount code field.

    3) Click "Apply Coupon."

    4) That's it. A bunch of smart products are on their way to you and you still have the brain power to play them.


    Here is where you enter your coupon code