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Classic Wooden Chess Set

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Now while you give your brain a workout plotting strategy and executing tactical dexterity, you will reward your fingers with the feel and heft of exquisitely carved chess pieces with the Classic Wooden Chess Set.

Elegant in simplicity—just like your moves—each hand-polished piece is crafted from stunning rosewood or boxwood to give it a rich, distinctive color. All pieces are weighted for a sense of control as you advance toward your opponent’s king, and feature felt bottoms to protect your board when playing becomes intense.

The Classic Wooden Chess Set is a must for a serious player, bragging rights for a beginner and stunning on your coffee table.

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The Idea

Winning is fun, winning with style is the ultimate satisfaction.

The Brains

Improves logic, planning and visuospatial skills.

The A-Ha

Thirty-two elegant pieces crafted from rosewood and boxwood.

Brain Health Expert Says

Chess is an intellectually stimulating board game that combines tactics and a high degree of strategy. The prefrontal cortex is highly engaged in chess.

The Brain Coach Says

I absolutely love this mid-range chess set. Fancy pieces and flashy boards are nice, but sometimes you just need a nice board to sit down and play a serious game of chess. A fantastic gift option for the avid board game strategist.


Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age8+
Inside the Box
  • Wooden chess board
  • 16 light pieces
  • 16 dark pieces
DepartmentCritical Thinking
# of Players2

How To Play

Use your strategic planning and logistical thinking skills to seize your opponent’s king! Take turns moving each game piece until a king is captured. Each game piece has it’s own special movement pattern and it’s up to you to form the best offensive and defensive playing strategy to successfully capture the enemy’s king.