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    An award-winning brain fitness program for children ages 6–12.

    168 challenging levels that improve attention, memory, and visual and auditory processing.

    Uses an approach called "cognitive loading" to drive mental processing skills.

    An entertaining video game format. Clinically proven cognitive development techniques. And a fun jungle theme. What's not to like about Brainware Safari? This award-winning brain fitness program for children aged 6-12 uses an approach called "cognitive loading" to drive mental processing skills to an automatic level more quickly. Translation: your kid will be genius of the jungle faster than you can wrap your head around the idea of a two-headed snapping turtle. With Brainware Safari's 168 progressively challenging levels, children make dramatic gains in attention, memory, visual processing, auditory processing, sensory integration and thinking.

    Please Note: BrainWare Safari runs on PCs and MAC operating sytems prior to Lion. It will not operate on the MAC Lion (OS 10.7) operating system.

    Health Expert Says:

    "As an educational psychologist and parent, I have never seen a program that offers the different activities that BrainWare offers. " -Educational Psychologist

    Brainware Safari [Software]

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    How it Works

    BrainWare Safari combines decades of proven clinical techniques with video-game technology into a fun and challenging mental workout that builds cognitive skills in a comprehensive and integrated way.

    The engaging games within Brainware Safari work on many skills including:

    Attention Skills
      • Visual Sustained Attention
      • Auditory Sustained Attention
      • Visual Selective Attention
      • Auditory Selective Attention
      • Divided Attention
      • Flexible Attention

    Visual Processing Skills 
      • Visual Discrimination
      • Visual Figure Ground
      • Visual Form Consistency
      • Directionality
      • Visual Span
      • Visual Simultaneous Processing
      • Visual Sequential Processing
      • Visualization
      • Visual Processing Speed

    Sensory Integration Skills 
      • Oculomotor Skills
      • Visual-Motor Integration
      • Auditory-Motor Integration
      • Timing-Rhythm
      • Visual-Auditory Integration

    Memory Skills
      • Visual Short-Term Sensory Memory
      • Auditory Short-Term Sensory Memory
      • Visual Short-Term Immediate Memory
      • Auditory Short-Term Immediate Memory
      • Working Memory
      • Visual Spatial Memory
      • Long-Term Memory
      • Visual Sequential Memory
      • Auditory Sequential Memory
      • Visual Simultaneous Memory

    Thinking Skills
      • Logic
      • Reasoning
      • Planning
      • Problem Solving
      • Strategic Thinking
      • Visual Thinking
      • Conceptual Thinking
      • Decision Speed


    Auditory Processing Skills 
      • Auditory Discrimination
      • Auditory Sequential Processing
      • Auditory Processing Speed

    Brainware Safari FAQ

    What operating systems will it work with? PC & Mac (is not compatible with Lion OSX and up)
    How many users? 1 Additional licenses can be purchased for $99 through Brainware Safari
    Can it be loaded on multiple computers? Software can be loaded on multiple computers and is self-adaptive to the user
    How long does the scheduled program last? Varies per individual - approximately 40 hours
    How long does a daily session last? It is self-directed, so as long or as short as you like
    What is the recommended schedule to use it? 3-5 times per week for about 30-60 minutes per day
    How many times can I do the program? Once
    Are published clinical studies available? Yes
    What is your return policy for software? It is the same as our regular store policy. Please click for details
    For questions about licenses please contact Brainware customer service 877-272-4610
    For questions about technical issues, please contact Brainware technical support 866-639-1101

    Additional Information

    media Software CD-ROM
    operating system Windows 98 or higher, Mac OSX (not compatible with Lion)
    hard disk requirements 200 MB
    platform Mac/PC
    other requirements Internet Connection, Computer Speakers
    manufacturer recommended age

    The Marbles BrainCoach says...

    I will tell you that within weeks, not only did my husband and I notice a HUGE change in my son’s behavior during homework, but also my mother and his teachers! Why the difference? Simple, by working on the games of Brainware Safari, he was able to gain confidence in himself, and thrived on the positive reinforcement!