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You want your kids to thrive in today's scientifically, techno-fabulous world. But you’ve been, shall we say, “science averse” ever since that Bunsen burner incident way back when.

Enter Brainstick, a trio of polymer wonders sure to mesmerize, delight and send your kids on a scientifically stupendous path of 21st Century career brilliance. Just add water to create gallons of blizzardy goodness with Brainfreeze™, make mini water balls perfect for Navy-Seal-worthy ambushes in the dark on pesky kid siblings with Braindrops™, and grow multi-colored, marble-sized spheres for tossing and smashing with Brainbows™.

Brainpack includes:

  • Braindrops with BrainGlow: grow up to 200 times their original size when immersed in water. Charge with light and they'll glow in the dark! They’re perfect for throwing, spitting through a straw, and ambushing pesky kid brothers and sisters.
  • Brainfreeze: allows you to create instant snow year round. Just add water and watch the powdery polymer billow into a gallon of blizzard goodness right before your can’t-believe-it-eyes.
  • Brainbows: need 2-3 hours completely submerged in water to reach their full multi-colored potential as marble-sized spheres that are perfect for tossing, smashing, and anything else your child wonder can think of.
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The Idea

A trio of polymer wonders.

The Brains

Inspires creative thinking and scientific reasoning.

The A-Ha

Just add water to colored spheres, glowing spheres, and fake snow.

Brain Health Expert Says

Encourages scientific thinking and following step-by step instructions

The Brain Coach Says

Encourages scientific thinking and following step-by step instructions.

Product Details

Brain Category

Warning - Choking Hazard: Small parts, small balls. Not for children under 3 years.

Caution - Eye Irritant: Use under adult supervision. Contains: polyacrylate salt, cyclohexane, nonyl phenol ethoxylate.

Recommended Age4+
Inside the Box
  • 1 tube of Braindrops with Brainglow
  • 1 tube of Brainbows
  • 1 tube of Brainfreeze
number of pieces3

Customer Reviews

We Couldn't Stop Playing!


I bought these for science experiments in my Exceptional Children's class.. Before they went to the classroom, my 18 year old daughter and I couldn't stop playing with them. We've actually gift bagged several to give to her friends after they have played with them in our home. When they made it into my class, the kids enjoyed them as well. They provide a wonderful tactile experience as well as the excitement of watching them change. The only con for me was that the snow feels like the filling of a wet diaper. If you've ever experienced that mess, it might bother you as well. The kids had no problem with that sensation. Best of all, a little goes a long way. We'll be enjoying these for years.